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The birth miracle

Author: Dunija Rothschild
Ranju and Rajeev had recently got married after a courtship of six months. They were very happy, God had been very kind to them. Ranju, a middle class girl from Mathura, tall, beautiful, and very fond of dressing. She had come to Delhi in search for better career avenues.  Rajeev an IIT graduate, young entrepreneur, all for make in India movement. The two were very different and yet the day Ranju went to Rajeev's firm for the interview, the two clicked instantly.
Six months were like heaven for two and despite their cultural background difference, families had no resistance and they were married in an Arya Samaj Mandir. After marriage both went to Vrindavan to pay Homage to Lord Krishna, after all Ranju had great faith in him.
Life after marriage was usual, they had rough times and good times. They had fights and love. It was a roller coaster ride, but they enjoyed every bit of it because they loved each other.  And then one day Ranju came to know that she i…

Love and death

Author: Dunija Rothschild
It was the hot month of June, many many years back, days when I still used to wear frocks, still used to have bath in rain with all the girls and boys of my age. There was no TV, no fridge, and I am sure I never missed them!
That summer an uncle of mine came to live with us. I was small, so was not told, but I heard my parents speaking that uncle is suffering from Leukemia and is here for treatment from AIIMS, the best medical Institute in Delhi. Blissfully unaware what is leukemia or AIIMs, I was having lot of fun, with uncle showering love on me, and parents,  busy in his care, scolding me less. That is all that matters.
And then one day, he died. I  had no idea what death is, must be something interesting, he was lying on bed stationary like a statue.  All the furniture of the room was taken out, it was not much - a dressing table, one double bed, and an alimirah, and the whole room was cleaned with water. I enjoyed splashing water as adults were cleaning it.