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Human vs Animal

Yesterday evening, while coming back from office, very comfortable in the luxury of my car, I got stuck in a traffic jam. In front of me was a small tempo with a buffalo and perhaps her calf. The tempo was small for the majestic animal. With every jerk in traffic the buffalo either hurt her face or her back, despite her dark black skin, the red raw skin was clearly visible. Calf was equally uncomfortable, not even able to move, though it was trying again and again.  
I could feel that two were very uncomfortable and only God knows for how long they had been standing in this tempo, in the same pose, without food or water. As usual my heart was filled with remorse for the actions of my species, we had been very careless and mean to all others. Not for once thinking about their comfort or their pain.  In my heart I asked the two for forgiveness, and expressed my inability that I cannot pay the owner and take you, as I have no place to keep you and look after you. 
As I opened my eyes, I sa…