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Conscience and Consciousness

Conscience is the intellect in us which help us to distinguish between “right and wrong”.Society, our parents, teachers, friends and enemies they all contribute in developing our conscience. It is their response to our actions that tells us “this is right and that is wrong”.As we grow this becomes ingrained, implanted in us, we go on repeating it. Society plays a very strong emphasis on conscience. Bur, is conscience worth? Is it a real thing? Consciousness, on other hand is the state of being aware within oneself, it does not have ready-made answers.It takes every moment as it comes, gives us light and we know what to do. To elaborate the difference between the two, I tell a story. Mary Magdalene was a disciple of Jesus. She was very much in love with him. One day, Jesus came to the home of Mary Magdalene. His feet were dirty, to clean his feet Mary poured a very precious perfume on his feet--the whole bottle. It was rare and expensive perfume. Judas another disciple of Jesus immediate…